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Why Clipping images?

Clipped images are pictures which show no background, the background is removed. The only visible part of the image, is the product you want to display. The background is white / transparent. Clipped images can be used easily in presentations, webshops or promotional materials.

Clipped images can also be used to combine images. A clipped image brings focus to the product presentation. The essentions of the product displays perfectly and more powerfull when the image is clipped.

Below you can see an example: before and after clipping

What are the advantages of clipped images?

You can place the images on any preferred background

It shows the essential core: there's a focus on the product

You can easily merge multiple pictures into one image

If you let us clip your images, it saves you a lot of time

We'd like to clip your images! From small amounts to large clipping projects.

How does it work?

Check the explanation

You select the preferred amount of images to clip and pay through our website.

With the ordernumber / invoicenumber as reference, you can send us the images by mail or WeTransfer

We will porcess the images and make sure they are clipped.

Within 48 hours, you receive the clipped images.

Are you looking for a partner to clip larger amounts for bigger clipping projects? Soon we will have an
online location, a portal, where you can upload the pictures and later retrieve the clipped images. Untill then, we work with  WeTransfer for larger amounts.

Try it for free!
Max. 3 images

Get to know our service and try it for free! You get a maximum of 3 clipped images.

Our prices for low volumes are € 2 per image. When you order more, the price per image loweres. For projects larger than 50 images, we will personally make you an offer. You can also subscribe for a monthly amount.

How can I try your service for free?

Contact us through the contact form below (bottom of the page).

After we receive your registration,we will send you an email.

Reply to this mail with the 3 images you want to clip for free.

Within 48 hours, we will return the images to you, clipped as requested.

Uese your clipped images for the following purposes, such as:


Flyers, catalogue


webshop, website, banners


catalogue, ordering


Sales and news

1 image clipping service

For the clipping of 1 image, we charge € 2,- per picture

Total amount: € 2,-

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5 images clipping service

For the clipping of 5 images, we charge € 1,75 per picture

Total amount: € 8,75

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10 images clipping service

For clipping 10 images, we charge € 1,50 per picture

Total amount: € 15,-

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20 images clipping service

For the clipping of 20 images, we charge € 1,25 per picture

Totalamount: € 25,-

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50 images clipping service

For the clipping of 50 images, we charge € 0,99 per picture

Total amount: € 49,50

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Urgent Clipping service

Do you have an urgent clipping job? We will deliver the clipped image within 8 hours (weekdays)

€ 7,50 per image

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Your logo or image scalable.

Zoom in / zoom out without loss of quality.

We vectorise your logo / image within 8 hours (weekdays)

€ 7,50 per image

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Do you have further questions, do you want to try our service for free, do you want to discuss personal pricing or subscription, please contact us through the form below

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